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September 2010

I've launched a new blog at

Please check the blog for updates on news, exhibitions, etc.

August 2010

Monthly magazine "Web Designing" (Mainichi Communications)

August issue picks Paule Saviano as a noteworthy artist, with two images of FROM ABOVE portrait.
It is also an introduction of the Dresden portraits being exhibited at Gallery EF in Tokyo during January/February 2011.


The August 3rd article appearing in the Asahi shimbun written by Ai Fujita.
On page 2 in the "hito" section.


July 2010

From Above press interviews.

There was a lot of press coverage, tv, newspaper, and radio.
Here are a couple.
All the press articles and tv interviews can be seen on my blog,
There are tv stories being broadcast from Zero News, NCC, Community Media, etc.
They will be available to see on my blog soon.

A radio interview by Miki Morita broadcast on Nagasaki City FM about "From Above"
photo exhibition by Paule Saviano at the Nagasaki Peace Museum.
Interviews starts around 1:30 minutes into broadcast. Half English, half Japanese.

Some newspaper articles (click for closer view):

Japan Times article Nagasaki Asahi
Nishi Nippon a Nishi Nippon b

June 2010

From Above opening at the Nagasaki Peace Museum,
June 29th-July 19th, 2010.

Nagasaki Exhibition 2a.jpg Nagasaki Exhibition 1aaa Nagasaki Exhibition 1aaaa

May 2010

Radio interview by Maria Kotzur of Apollo Radio about the upcoming portrait project
in Dresden, Germany on survivors of the Dresden firebombings February 13th, 1945.


Dresden 6a

April 2009

Newspaper articles from the From Above exhibition at Gallery EF in Tokyo.

Asahi Kyodo Nagasaki

March 2009

...From Above: Survivors of the Atomic Bomb and Tokyo Fire Bombings 1945...
March 13 - April 12, 2009
Opening reception March 12, 2009

Presented by Gallery EF,
2-19-18 Kaminarimon,
Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0034
Tel: 03 3841 0442

Gallery EF 31a Gallery EF 17a Gallery EF 1a

February 2009

Striptease Burlesque Photo Exhibition
Photographs by Paule Saviano
February 5 - March 15, 2009
Opening Reception February 4 at 18:00

Presented by Helsinki Burlesque Festival
Jukka Male museo
The Cable Factory
Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki
Tallberginkatu 1 B, 2. kerros
Avoinna joka paiva 9-21
Vapaa paasy

16 1

May 2008

Opening Night: Primo Piano Living Gallery, Leece, Italy

Leece 1 Leece 4 Leece 3

December 2007

Opening Night:
Striptease Burlesque photo exhibition at Spring Gallery in Shanghai...

Six months after a successful exhibition in Tokyo,
Striptease Burlesque opens in Shanghai,
presented by Gallery EF, Spring Gallery, Jibo Salon.

Striptease Burlesque 21 Striptease Burlesque 22
Striptease Burlesque 3 Striptease Burlesque 8

December 2007

Striptease Burlesque Photo Exhibition
The Spring Gallery

December 9, 2007- December 16, 2007
Opening Reception December 9 at 7PM

The Spring Gallery
Address : No.5. Lane 209, Nanchang Rd. Shanghai 200020, P.R. China
Tel: 021-64737578

Preview In Cityweekend

Shanghai 01 Shanghai 02

November 2007

Installation of Striptease Burlesque photo exhibition at the Spring Gallery in Shanghai.
Most of the photos will be 7 feet tall. Larger than life. 

Shanghai 05 Shanghai 03

August 2007

Love Earth T-Shirts

Paule's T-Shirt for The Love Earth Project can be purchased here
or at the Yan DeHafuri store in Harajuku, Tokyo.

June 2007

Striptease Burlesque Photo Exhibition in Tokyo

...I watched a girl sign the gallery guest book for an hour.
I don't know what she wrote because it was in Japanese.
I appreciate the genuine interest everyone I spoke to at the opening showed.
It's been a good emotional experience. 
I've hit the crest of a wave in my career with Tokyo.
All the struggles and tremendous expenses were worth it.
The feeling was worth every Pound, $, or Yen.
Now it's time to dream it up all over again...

Review of exhibition, The Weekender, Tokyo, Japan

News 1 Tokyo News 2 Tokyo

May 2007

Striptease Burlesque Photo Exhibition:

Opening May 31st at Gallery-EF,
2-19-18 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0034,
May 31st-June 21st, 2007

Striptease Burlesque flyer

November 2006

I've just returned from the edge of the world, photographing a street fashion editorial in
Harajuku, Tokyo that can be seen in the November issue of Faces. The kids in Harajuku
dress like no other in the world. The trip was a success in many ways. Photographing
plenty of interesting portraits and booking a gallery exhibition. My burlesque portraits
will be shown at Gallery EF in Asakusa, Tokyo June 1-28 2007. It'll be my first exhibition
in Japan. Work has already begun. I plan on showing 25 portraits of burlesque performers
accompanied with a spoken word commentary by each performer about why they have choose
a strip tease to express themselves.

Gallery EF is one of the most interesting spaces in Tokyo. It's an old wooden structure
that was one of only a handful of buildings to survive allied bombings during WWII.
Walking through the gallery you can feel the inspiration and personality of the building.
This is the best space I've ever shown in. Take look at
The rest of my time has been devoted to completing a music video that will be released soon.
It was challenging telling a story while keeping the imagery interesting without a budget.
I'm hoping the next couple of months bring more opportunity for portraits and possibly
returning to Paris and Barcelona later this year.

Beauty video Sparkly Devil

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